Grace Kidz


A place for kids to know God

VISION: We provide a safe environment for kids (from nursery to grade 5) nurturing them through Bible stories, worship, and creative activities so they can experience the love of Jesus.


  1. We operate through a “Planned to Protect” program.
  2. We are a peanut free environment! We provide snacks, and are happy to accommodate special dietary needs.
  3. We carefully monitor the drop off and pick up of your child
  4. Age Brackets for Classes:

    – Nursery: Infants to 21/2
    – Three to Five years
    – Grade 1-Grade 2
    – Grade 3-Grade 5

  5. Grace Kids operate during Sunday service

Our dedicated teachers help make God’s Word understandable and His lessons present in the minds and lives of our children.  Bible stories are illuminated with discussions, songs, crafts and guided play to create a rich learning environment.


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